Update: There is no update

When our caseworker told us about the waiting, I really truly honestly didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. I thought if we could handle all of the things leading up to the waiting (finger prints, doctors appointments, home studies, interviews, etc), we could wait with no problem. We officially became a waiting family on October 1st. I knew with the holidays, waiting would be a lot easier so I figured it’d be about March before I started going crazy. Nope. It was about January 1st. Every time my phone rings my hopes go through the roof and every time I see it’s not the agency, my stomach just sinks. We got a call from our caseworker last Wednesday and I was home alone and gasped so loud when I saw her name. However, she was just calling to check up on us. I honestly don’t remember what all she said because I was so incredibly disappointed that she wasn’t calling about showing our book. After she hung up, I was fine, but about 10 minutes later I completely lost it. When we got our confirmation about being officially licensed, I printed it off and had my mom (she has waaaay better handwriting) write, “Faith in God includes faith in His timing.” I framed it and it’s in our living room. This saying is something that goes through my head at least 25 times a day. I know we’ll get a call and get our baby, but only in God’s timing.
In the meantime, we’ve been doing little projects around the house. We’ve had our hot water heater replaced (that’s definitely one of the not fun projects that was definitely not planned but we definitely needed a new one when the other one burst), we’ve redecorated the dining room, we’ve added sconces to the living room, I’ve organized the pantry and I’m making a donation pile. We’ve mounted the TV over the fireplace and it’s added a ton more space to the living room. I’m starting to take one room a night and clean and organize it and get rid of things I don’t use anymore. Is this what nesting is like? It feels like what nesting would be like…
We’re also thinking about taking a little weekend trip somewhere in or around Texas. Aaron hasn’t been to San Antonio or Austin yet so that’s where we’re thinking, but if you have any recommendations of somewhere close, let me know!
We’ve been doing really well with our health. We’ve been eating healthy and we’ve been working out and just making good choices for ourselves. We have our annual biometrics screening coming up (mine is next week, Aaron’s is the week after) and so I’m really excited for those results. They get better and better every year!
That’s really all we’ve been up to lately. We’re just waiting, twiddling our thumbs, and checking my phone 100 times a day for any type of missed call. I know in the end the waiting will all feel worth it and in a year (hopefully sooner, please, Lord, let it be sooner), it’ll feel like this time passed by in a blink of an eye, but while we’re in the middle of the waiting, it’s very difficult. It really is the most difficult part of this whole process.
However, faith in God includes faith in His timing.

 (PS: If you want to listen to what we’ve been doing and the conversations we’ve been having lately, check out our podcast)


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