Organizing, Saving, and growing

by Aaron Bronander

During this time that we have to save and raise money, there are a few other things that Ashley and I really want to work on.

  • organize-definition-magnifier-showing-managing-arranging-24720525-e1421763448739Organizing and De-cluttering

Normally, Ashley and I are pretty organized people. We don’t have a ton of clutter but we both realize that there are things we have that no longer serve us. Now that we’ve started this process we both can look around at things and realize that in the grand scheme they don’t mean as much as they used to. In the lens of building a family, they serve little purpose. We are planning on having a few garage sales to raise money. We are using this time we have to de-clutter, get rid of things we no longer need, and generally make space for a new addition to the family.

  • Baby Proofing

While we know that we are a little ways off from our goal, we know that baby proofing is going to be a big deal down the road. We are going to try to tackle some of that right now to avoid the rush once we get further in the process. We’ve started thinking about things we need like gates for the stairs, outlet plugs, etc. I have shelves in my office that I need to secure to the wall. Just generally making sure that the house is safe not only for the baby but for us as well.

  • Health

Ashley and I have always had this drive to try to be healthier people. We’ve done many diets and tried a lot of different workout routines. Some of the diets we did seemed to work (like low-carb) but contain longer-lasting health effects. We are both realizing now that if we want to be parents, we need to stop trying to “lose weight” and start trying to be healthier people.

A few weeks ago I decided to try P90X again. I had done it in the past and  back then, it was hard but I was able to get through most of it. When I tried it a few weeks ago…. wow. I was miserable, in pain, and just not able to complete it. This is of course partly my fault for being so out of shape but it also got me to thinking “I am going to hurt myself”.

I hurt my foot back in college when I decided I was going to be a runner. I started out great but pushed myself a bit too hard and tore a muscle in my foot. It’s never been the same since. In fact, I stopped altogether. Stopped working out, doing anything. I think I put on the most weight at that point. So, when we decided that we needed to get healthy, this weighed heavy on my mind. I don’t want to hurt myself and end up stopping and being in worse shape.

There’s also something about this mentality that I don’t like. A TON of workouts are trying to push you to the limit, trying to force you to be something you aren’t: in shape. It felt like we needed a foundation, a place to go to ground ourselves and get stronger the right way.

So, we started doing Yoga. I know, it seems awkward at first but when Ashley and I do it, we have a lot of fun and I think we get closer because of it. It’s just her and I in the living room, no distractions, no judgments.

To anyone who thinks that yoga is not a workout, you should really try it. It had my blood pumping and my muscles aching, but in a way that was gradual, not forced. A lot of the concepts of yoga were the things I had already started to realize. Don’t force this thing, ease into it and its more sustainable.

Sustainability is key for us right now. If the workout sucks we WILL quit or worse injure ourselves. We want to work on a really strong foundation and go from there. It also helps us to reduce any stress we have and you just feel awesome afterwards. We may not do Yoga the rest of our lives, but it serves a really unique purpose for us right now.

In addition to that we are just trying to eat less and better foods. We try to cook at home as much as possible and eat fruits and veggies. We are trying to keep things really simple so that we can stay with it this time. We want to continue to be healthy and to help our child be healthy in their life as well. You can only do that by leading by example.

So, that’s what has been going on with us lately. We’d love to hear from you though! Feel free to comment below and let us know if you have baby proofing tips, or de-cluttering ideas!

Aaron and Ashley

First Meeting


by Ashley Bronander 

Ashley and Smokey

 My vision for this website is to document all of the steps from start to finish (and beyond) in this adoption process. It’s not something either one of us have ever done before (obviously) and I want a record for us and for our future child to look back on and see where we were and where God brought us.

 The adoption agency we are going through was not our first choice. The agency we were wanting to go through had a policy where you had to be married 4 years before adopting. When we first started looking into this, we had been married 3 years and 3 months. We decided to wait until our 4 year anniversary to go through that agency. Unfortunately, when the anniversary rolled around, they were no longer accepting applicants for the Domestic Infant Adoption. This is what led to our current agency. I used Google to find it, and looked up reviews and we liked what we read/heard so we went with it. My interaction over e-mail setting up our first appointment was great! On Wednesday, December 28, Aaron and I drove out to Dallas to meet for an informational meeting/interview. I loved every second of it. We felt at peace, we felt confident, we felt GOOD. We filled out some paperwork and our caseworker asked us some questions. She asked if we had a preference on male/female (no, we don’t). She asked if we had a preference on race (no, we don’t). She asked if we were open to drug/alcohol exposure (while we hope the baby doesn’t have to go through that for their sake, we hope he/she doesn’t have that type of exposure but we’re open to it.) She asked what our support system looks like and who all lives in our home.

She explained what the process would look like and this is where I really got excited. She specified more than once that the process she described is best case scenario. I really don’t mind though if I know what will happen at the end of the process. She said once we left the meeting, she would give the information and interview answers to her director and they would let us know if we were approved. I was thinking it would be several days before we heard anything back but on the way home, I received the e-mail that say we were accepted into the program!


Next steps:

  •         Save, save, save.


This agency is different than the first agency we were going to go through. That agency required a 2 year wait time for a baby after trainings and home studies. Our caseworker told us after our trainings and home studies, we could be placed within 2 weeks to a year at the most. This means, all money needed for the adoption needs to be readily available before we even begin the process. I kind of like it better this way. I’m not going to be worried about rocking the home study and making sure there’s $28,000 in the bank.

So this is where we’re at. We’re pinching pennies, getting a yard sale ready, and thinking of other fundraiser ideas. Please continue to pray for us as we wait and save and fundraise. Please pray when things get stressful we remember what the end goal is. We know God is faithful and will provide in His time!


Why are you adopting?

by Aaron Bronander

Well, that’s a tough question. There’s always a lot of factors that go into a decision like this but I’ll try to make it as simple as possible. We don’t like to get into medical histories in public but there are reasons to be concerned about having biological children, but that wasn’t even the deciding factor for us.

As we started having issues conceiving we were faced with two choices really.

  1. Start treatments. They may or may not work and in a few months/years we would be right back where we were when we started, only several heartbreaks and thousands of dollars later. We have friends and acquaintances who have gone this route to experience a lot of heartbreak. Some have experienced great joy when they were able to conceive. We had to decide if the heartbreak and the toll the process can take would be worth it.
  2. Look into adoption as a choice and not a last resort. It’s a decision we can make to invest the money, time, and effort into this route instead of the other. I am not belittling or looking down on anyone who has taken this route as a ‘final option’, but for us, that option has always been in play and was always very appealing to us.

In the early days of our marriage we decided to not try to have kids for a least a year. During that time, we talked a lot about our future family. We said that if it turned out we couldn’t have kids we would both be glad to adopt. When the time came to try and we ran into roadblock after roadblock we both realized that adoption wasn’t just an option on the table as a last resort, It was something we both wanted.

We actually know a few people who were adopted and have very positive experiences. Adoption was always a positive thing in our eyes. So, as we started thinking about how we wanted to make our family, my wife and I both kind of realized at the same time that adoption would be something we were both ready to take on.

We spent the next year or so thinking, praying, talking to our pastor, all of that. We actually decided to adopt about a year ago at the time of this writing, but we just finally took the plunge by opening up a savings fund, finding an agency, and starting to get the word out.

We have a big process ahead of us and a lot of money to raise, save, and work hard to earn. We also need to improve our own lives in order to be the kind of parents we need to be.

It’s an expensive and messy process, but we know it’s going to be worth it. We hope that you will be a part of this process, because we can’t do it alone. It’s our support systems, families and friends who will see us through this time and have a part in building our family.

I guess the bottom line is: we want to invest in a family that gives a child a chance at a great life that they may not have access to otherwise. We want them to be able to experience love, acceptance, and family.

That’s as good a reason as any.


It’s Humbling

Thank you all so much for your generosity! It can be nerve wracking asking for assistance like this but when Ashley and I started looking into other ways to raise this money (loans, etc) they are just really high payments when you are also preparing for a child.

We are excited that we were accepted by Hope Cottage so the only thing we need to do is get our finances ready so we can start the process. While it’s not all due at once, they recommend that we have it ready before we go any further so finances won’t keep us from being placed. We are grateful for that as it gives Ashley and I a chance to also prepare ourselves and our home.

We will be doing fundraisers and pinching pennies to try and make this happen but we know that we can’t do this on our own and it’s so great to know that so many of you want to do this with us. So, thank you for helping us and having a part in this adventure. You can’t understand how much that means to us. Even if you can’t give, a share to your friends and family would go a long way. We will keep you updated as we continue the process!

-Aaron and Ashley