It’s Humbling

Thank you all so much for your generosity! It can be nerve wracking asking for assistance like this but when Ashley and I started looking into other ways to raise this money (loans, etc) they are just really high payments when you are also preparing for a child.

We are excited that we were accepted by Hope Cottage so the only thing we need to do is get our finances ready so we can start the process. While it’s not all due at once, they recommend that we have it ready before we go any further so finances won’t keep us from being placed. We are grateful for that as it gives Ashley and I a chance to also prepare ourselves and our home.

We will be doing fundraisers and pinching pennies to try and make this happen but we know that we can’t do this on our own and it’s so great to know that so many of you want to do this with us. So, thank you for helping us and having a part in this adventure. You can’t understand how much that means to us. Even if you can’t give, a share to your friends and family would go a long way. We will keep you updated as we continue the process!

-Aaron and Ashley