A tale of two garage sales

Hey, everyone! Sorry it’s been awhile since we have posted here. I promise we haven;t forgotten about you or stopped this whole process. For a bit, there just wasn’t much going on and not much to report. However, now we have two garage sales under our belt and things are moving along.

Our first garage sale that we had at our mother in laws house  was amazing and bought in around $600 and on top of other generous donations we made an $1100 deposit into the adoption fund after that weekend! The second garage sale we had a few weekends ago at our own home was…not as successful. We had about 6 people total all weekend and ended up spending more money than we made. I think our area is just not great for garage sales.

All that being said we can’t thank everyone enough for all the donations of money, time, and items to sell. We will be looking into other fundraising opportunities soon.

I can be really easy to fall into a depression after that bad weekend of the sale, because it feels like we have such a long way to go. We are trying to keep our spirits up but also becoming anxious to get this part of the process behind us. Right now, we don’t mind saying it looks like we are in for a long period of saving and fundraising. Everything in God’s timing.

In the grand scheme though, in the short 3 months we have been in the process, we have a total of $6500 in our adoption fund by saving and your generous donations. Only another $21,500 to go!

We love you all and thanks for everything you do 🙂

-Aaron and Ashley

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